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Makaba (真樺) is one of the protagonists in Fena: Pirate Princess. He is one of the Seven Samurai who ally with and join Fena Houtman on her quest.


Makaba has short black hair (the hair on the sides being buzzcut) with black eyes and a tall, muscular stature.

His samurai helmet is colored purplish-black, fashioned with a gray moustache and a big flowing mane very similar to Tsubaki's samurai helmet.


Makaba is said to be a gentle giant to his allies whenever he isn't fighting, including being kind and mild-mannered.

It is stated by his voice actor interview on the official Japanese website that Makaba is usually silent and watches over the samurai who have a lot of emotional ups and downs, but in case of emergency, he takes the initiative to act for his friends, despite also being a big eater.


Although Makaba is the only member of the samurai ninja group to not equip any weapons, his outfit has brass knuckles equipped on his gloves. His brute strength is even efficient on killing enemies.


Fena Houtman

When Makaba first meets Fena after helping her escape from Shangri-La, he shows her the bows he had crafted and gives her a big bow that changes color, which amazes Fena.

Yukimaru Sanada




As he eats kobiru with Fena and the others (excluding Yukimaru), Makaba consumes the kobiru that was thrown in the air by Kaede and Enju, angering Tsubaki in the process.


As he eats kobiru with Fena Houtman and the others (excluding Yukimaru Sanada), Makaba consumes the kobiru that was thrown in the air by Enju and Kaede, angering Tsubaki in the process.



  • The name Makaba means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "birch, dark red" (樺) (kaba).


  • Makaba's Japanese voice actor, Shintaro Tanaka, also voiced Mario Luis Zurita in B: The Beginning, another anime created by both Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G in which he collaborated in a few years prior.


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