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Franz Houtman

Franz is Fena's adoptive father.


Eyes of a deep blue like that of the south seas. Skin more beautiful than freshly fallen snow as well as a bounty of platinum hair that would shine like burnished steel and smile that would bring happiness to those with the honor of being in her presence. You truly are... the very image of her.

Abel Bluefield commenting on how Fena resembles Helena in Episode 6

Helena is Fena's late biological mother who strongly resembles her.

Seven Samurai

Yukimaru Sanada

Since Fena had known Yukimaru during childhood at the time of her parents' tragic death, Fena may hold a connection with him as she reunites with him 10 years later after he helped her escape to Shangri-La from years back, in which he kills the attackers who almost try to kill her upon their reunion.

She has a crush on him, that others around her sees but Yukimaru does not.. She gets jealous when he speaks to other women, and tries to often draw his attention to herself in which leads to her getting hit over the head.

She want's to protect him, and be of use to him to repay him. Her hot-headedness often leads him to fume also, getting into bickers between one another. Dancing around each other, but clearly meaning a lot to one another. Showing their love for each other in non traditional ways.


Shitan is a figure Fena confides in. She first meets him on the tour of the island in which he taught her how to shoot a bow. While on their voyage she turns to him for advice after he comforted her about the interaction with Yukimaru Sanada. Later, Shitan tries to find her a teacher to teach her how to fight to feel less useless. He relates to her in the want to protect Yukimaru. He also knows how to get under her skin and teases her about Arya and Yukimaru sleeping together.


After arriving at the island, Fena meets Karin, who is the first of the other samurai pirates that she meets besides Yukimaru Sanada, as she gave her a tour of the island where she takes her to the blacksmith workshop, in which Fena wandered off to meet the other samurai with Karin. Nevertheless, she catches up with Fena as she took her and Makaba to see Shitan, later on introduces Kaede and Enju to Fena as the twins were flirting over the latter, and then ate kobiru with Fena and the other samurai except Yukimaru.

During their voyage in the third episode, Karin shares information about the ship she designed that is named Bonito-2, although Fena wondered why she called it Bonito instead of Whale, since Karin mentioned whales were awesome and the ship used whale baleen for the drive transmission system and whale blubber for lubricating oil. Karin answers that Bonitos were delicious in which Fena understood the reason for the ship's name. Fena later finds out Karin was also suspectible to Yukimaru's head-bonking, as Karin deduces he did it to both of them since they're beautiful women.

In the fourth episode, it was revealed Fena is sharing a cabin with Karin. Later, Fena is declined by Karin for her favor to help her use a weapon, and when Fena asks again for Karin to help her out and that they were friends, she was then shocked when Karin claims she doesn't recall being close. Once again as Karin tells her the basics of using a gun and instructing her that guns are not toys as well as explaining a new weapon she invented, Fena wanders off again to catch up with Shitan. Fena soon is assisted by Karin by attempting to use a gun, but she is scolded after the gunshot results in Karin's nose getting bandaged. Despite this, Karin may open up to Fena and that their friendship will grow regardless at some point later on in their adventure.

Karin and Fena start out as strangers, both high energy in their own rights, but after time passes they become close to one another.


Fena often mixes up the twins names. They have grown attached to her jumping in to protect her and help her fit in better. They got upset when people sexualize her At one instance during the journey, she is seen practicing with Kaede, using sticks by rotating, but Fena accidentally kicks her stick, causing her to frantically run after it. Fena and Kaede alongside Enju all get jealous at Arya and Yukimaru's closeness. The boys jealous of the mans interaction with a beautiful women.


They have grown attached to Fena jumping in to protect her and help her fit in better. They got upset when people sexualize her. When the pirates attacks he makes sure Fena is protected. Both Enju and Fena get jealous at Arya and Yukimaru Sanada's interaction due to the closeness. The boys jealous of the mans interaction with a beautiful women.


Upon meeting Tsubaki, he teaches Fena on making kobiru. During the journey, Fena comes to Tsubaki for assistance on training with a weapon, which he later on teaches her about swordfighting albeit being the worst swordsman of the group.


Makaba was the second samurai ninja after Karin besides Yukimaru Sanada to meet Fena, as he shows her the bows he constructed.

During their journey, she is seen practicing her fistfighting skills by attempting to punch Makaba in the abdomen, which he doesn't react to.

Rumble Rose

In General

Grace O'Malley

British Army

In General

Fena realized with fear that the British were there alongside the pirates attacking the "Hope"

Abel Bluefield




Like Otto, Fena has known them since he and Otto both served the Houtman family when she was younger, and they both helped Fena escape the island of Shangri-La.


Like Salman, Fena has known them since he and Salman both served the Houtman family when she was younger, and they both helped Fena escape the island of Shangri-La.


Fena and Angie being coworkers and friends, Angie's calm nature seemed to balance out Fena's chaotic energy when she explained her escape plans. Angie was the voice of reason when explaining the escape plans wouldn't work. She seemed to support Fena's autonomy.