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Fena Houtman (フェナ・ハウトマン Fena Hautoman?) is the titular protagonist of Fena: Pirate Princess. She is a princess who escapes from Shangri-La and the British Empire, and recruits a group of samurai and ninjas known as the Seven Samurai to help her on her voyage, becoming their captain. She is known for her pale skin and platinum hair.


Fena is a pale-skinned girl of short stature with long platinum white hair (earning her the nickname of White Marginal), paraiba tourmaline eyes and she has a thin, slender figure. Fena and Helena have similar appearances, to the point that Fena is almost the spitting image of her mother.

She eventually cuts her hair short with Yukimaru Sanada's sword around the start of their journey.

After her mission to Eden was completed, her white hair changed to black.

Original Design

As a child, she had short hair and she wore a heart-shaped locket necklace.

Formerly as a princess, her long hair was tied in a bun. She wore the locket that she donned ever since she was a child, a white gown with black linings and a veil adorned with pink roses, white gloves with arm-length sleeves and white shoes. Soon after her escape from Shangri-La, she had cut her hair short and the lipstick on her lips was gone.

Later after her recruitment with the samurai ninjas, she wears an outfit akin to a pirate's, consisting of a brown pirate hat with a green bandana tied around her head, a brown corset with two white bishop sleeves on both arms, a turquoise blouse fitted with a brown sash belt, and long brown boots.

Her weapon is a pirate sword.

Final Design

As Fena's appearance was similar to her original design, yet her blue eyes were now colored paraiba tourmaline and shimmered more while her eyelashes are more noticeable and her pale skin now looking shinier, she was wearing a dress colored pink instead of white like in the announcement when she was a child, while her heart-shaped necklace was now a blue gemstone instead of a silver pendant. She also has faint pink blushes on her cheeks, which is one of the few changes that her original design doesn't have in the announcement trailer.

While not much has changed from her original design, the roses on her veil are now colored light-blue instead of pink, and her arm-length white-gloved sleeves had white puffs that act like armholes on her dress placed near her shoulders and her armpits. The bust area of her dress is now colored a light grey hue with tourmaline flower petals imprinted on it, while the black linings from her original gown design was removed, and her white shoes are also revealed as low-heels. The lipstick on her lips from the original trailer during her time on Shangri-La was also removed. She also wears a white nightgown with brown shoes in a few scenes so far during her swashbuckling travels with the Seven Samurai; she also sleeps barefoot during their journey in the submarine ship she and her crew are travelling in.

After the recruitment of the Seven Samurai, Fena's haircut is now slightly longer while her pirate outfit that she equips later on has several changes in contrast to her original design. The brown corset is now a blue vest equipped with three teal straps on it, while the sleeves now cover her shoulders. The sash belt is larger and burgundy instead of brown. Her boots' linings are now colored green. Her bandana is also a lighter green with an orange-brown line on the bottom ends of it, tied with two beaded pins and with a pink daisy imprinted on the side of it. Her hair will also grow a bit during the journey after cutting it short.


Fena has a cheery and upbeat personality despite her traumatic past. She will later show courage and leadership as she recruits Yukimaru Sanada and his samurai ninja group to join and assist Fena on her quest. She is a kind and caring person and worries about others' safety frequently.

Fena may have a tongue-in-cheek yet shy personality, along with seriousness, guts and compassion for her friends and comrades during their voyage. Her hotheadedness often leads her to act irrationally then regret it later. She is very perseverant. Brightening everyone's around hers life as they grow closer.

Naturally clumsy and less graceful than her shipmates she tries to be a helpful member of the crew. Trying to learn at least one weapon to be of use. She can get uncharacteristically quiet when she remembers something of her past; which the others worry about.


It is presumed that Fena will be skilled in combat eventually in the show, examples being archery and a pirate sword as her weapon.


  • Fena's Japanese voice actress, Asami Seto, also voiced Lily Hoshina, the female lead in B: The Beginning, another anime created by both Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G in which she collaborated in a few years prior.
  • Her appearance may look similar to the blonde twin girls in another Kazuto Nakazawa anime work, Comedy Skit 1989.
  • Fena Houtman is co-designed by Yasuko Takahashi. Fena's eye color is inspired by the Paraiba Tourmaline gem.



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